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Halifax Area

Office of the Mayor

Safe Water Halifax Mayor Savage no longer permits any comments on his facebook..

This is a community bulletin board for people in and around the Halifax Regional Municipality (Halifax, Nova Scotia). The group has its roots in the Freecycle™ movement and as such promotes local services, reuse and environmental initiatives.

On this site you can:
OFFER: Coupons, Certificates, Freebies, Samples (No Commercial Organizations)

ANNOUNCE: Community Yard-Sales, Community Events, Charity Fundraisers, etc.

REQUEST: Information, Items you Wish to Borrow, Advice, Referrals, Services, etc.

ARRANGE: Carpools, Environmental Activities, Meetings with Like Minded People.

SHARE: Freecycle Experiences, Interesting Environmental Tips and Crafts, etc

SWAP: Barter or Trade Items, Services, Commodities, etc.

HRM Giveaway is designed for individuals who want to “free-cycle” that special something that’s no longer used, but too good to throw out. Whether it’s a chair, fax machine, piano or old door feel free to post it. Or maybe you’re looking for something yourself!
Goal: To find a good home for material objects that are otherwise headed for the landfill.

General Guidelines:
NO Car Seats offered or requested
NO Borrowing/Lending Requests
NO trade/swap/barter requests
NO money offered or requested
NO Yard Sale announcements
NO requests for coupons/reward points/tickets
NO Delivery Requests.
NO “Desperately Needed” or “ASAP” wanted posts.
NO lists of wanted items (limit 2 or 3 per post).
NO messages in ALL CAPS.
NO Animals.
Keep WANTED posts to 1 or 2 per user per week, don’t request the same item more than once per month and don’t request something that you wouldn’t give away for free.

DO Post useful things you no longer need. We can’t post your full address so no “at the curb at 1 Main St, whoever gets here first gets it” type posts please (sorry).

Halifax Housing Help
Housing Support Worker
Contract Position May 2014 – January 2015
Half time position

Halifax Housing Help is an innovative approach responding to at-risk and difficult to house individuals who have significant challenges in obtaining and retaining housing stability. The project aims to promote housing retention and improved health and social functioning among individuals who experience housing instability.

This position will work as an integral part of the 6 person Halifax Housing Help project. The Housing Support Worker will work independently and with the team in providing a broad range of services for individuals in need services to obtain and retain safe and affordable housing in a rapid fashion. Through onsite and outreach contact, the housing support worker will meet with individuals seeking housing support and complete a rapid intake assessment. The housing support worker will collaborate with landlord and property managers to match the individual with the appropriate housing placement. There will be a focus on support the senior population.

This is a contract position commencing in May 2014 until December 31 2014. This position will be based out of the satellite office in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

The ideal candidate will possess the following skills and / or credentials:

• Education and/or experience in health education/promotion, human services, social work or related field
• Excellent problem solving skills and understanding of the barriers that deter at-risk individuals from obtaining and maintaining safe and affordable housing.
• Strong team player and ability to work independently without direct supervision.
• Working knowledge of the determinants of health and services available within the community that impact upon an individual’s ability and/or opportunity to move beyond personal and systemic barriers.
• Knowledge of issues and resources in the community related to HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C, harm reduction, IDU and addiction issues, and community development and capacity building.
• Good organizational, interpersonal, and written and verbal communication skills
• Some computer skills and report writing required

Interested persons can send their resume and cover letter via email, fax or hand deliver:


2002 Gottingen Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia
(830am -430pm)

Halifax Transits twitter.

Halifax Regional Municipality official Twitter feed

News from Downtown Halifax Business Commission
Managed by HRP Public Relations

News from Downtown Halifax Business Commission

Doors open interactive map

Halifax Chamber of Commerce

Halifax Seaport Market


mission: To provide a safe nurturing environment to explore all sides of every issue that are often overlooked, undiscovered and ignored. Seeking an all encompassing understanding of the common problems affecting humanity as a whole and from a comprehensive understanding; develop working solutions to solve the real problems discovered. All in hopes of empowering each individual with easily implementable tools necessary to manifest a better living through an increased understanding of the body, mind and spirit connections. The Truth is too big for any one person to have it all, so we must look at the all; that we may know the Truth. We are all students and teachers of one another and this is a platform where all views can be heard and discussed in a safe place where all are respected. Truth is Self Evident. When you quit learning, you quit living; join us to increase your living through learning.


Truth Movement Canada – Nova Scotia

Protest Nova Scotia

Million Mask March (Halifax Offical Page)


We push for laws to protect the civil riights of voters with disabilities Canada

ACORN Canada is an independent national organization of low and moderate income families with 59,000+ members in 20+ community chapters.

Solidarity Halifax is a membership-based, pluralist, non-sectarian, democratic, anti-capitalist group in Nova Scotia. We believe another world is possible.

Global independent media collective supporting revolution and resistance through technology and collaboration. We focus on real time news reporting.

Nova Scotia NDP Leader Social Services Minister

Official tweets from Nova Scotia’s Department of Community Services

The Nova Scotia Advocate reports on politics and current events as they affect Nova Scotia’s poor, its workers, and its citizens.

The Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia works with non-profit & voluntary organizations to strengthen communities across our province.

Better Business Bureau


Political Parties  NDP Leader

National Independent Media

Created by Cable for Canadians

CPAC, the Cable Public Affairs Channel, is Canada’s only privately-owned, commercial free, not for profit, bilingual licensed television service. Created in 1992 by a consortium of cable companies to preserve an independent editorial voice for Canada’s democratic process, CPAC provides a window on Parliament, politics and public affairs in Canada and around the world. Since 1992, the cable industry has invested more than $50 million in CPAC, and today CPAC programming is delivered by cable, satellite and wireless distributors to over 11 million homes in Canada and worldwide via 24/7 webcasting available on this website.

Local Independent media.

Halifax Media Co-op  Alternative source of local news. Part of a Canada-wide network of news co-ops. Reader-funded, member-run.

Local Corporate Media of The Coast   Radio

CBC Mainstreet Hfx

Canadian Corporate Media


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