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The Coast News Story – Stranded by Halifax Transit

Be sure to read the whole comment tread at the link below where a guy from Halifax Metro Transit clearly proves what the problem is.. They do not want to hear anything and absolutely do not care.

I have to announce that this post is actually a victory thanks to The Coast and Hilary..It is the first time that a main stream paper has done a story for Wheelchair Rights.

Wheelchair rights Victories youtube

Stranded by Halifax Transit

Wheelchair user says bus system needs to up its safety game.

 Daniel J. Towsey says Halifax Transit buses aren’t safe for wheelchair users. - HILARY BEAUMONT

  • Daniel J. Towsey says Halifax Transit buses aren’t safe for wheelchair users.

A wheelchair user and frequent transit critic is again calling out Halifax Transit after he says the bus system stranded him in Dartmouth overnight.

Last month Daniel J. Towsey took the bus out to Maynard Lake to photograph the sunset. The bus he took had four-point tie-downs to secure his wheelchair, but when he tried to return to his peninsular home, he says none of the buses that would take him directly home had the proper tie-downs. As a result, he contends Halifax Transit left him in Dartmouth for 11 hours overnight.

In a video he filmed of his experience, Towsey can be heard telling a bus driver: “So you can’t take me home. I’m sitting out here in the dark. If something happens to me and somebody mugs me, who’s going to be blamed? Because you guys at Metro Transit can’t provide safe buses for wheelchairs.”

In the last few years, the city has gradually replaced its fleet with low-floor wheelchair-accessible buses. Some of the newer buses only have one-point tie-downs, which attach a chair to the bus at a single point rather than securing it on all four corners. These tie-downs aren’t safe for Towsey’s motorized chair because it weighs more than 500 pounds, he explains. “There’s no way that wheelchair is not going to move.”

City spokesperson Tiffany Chase says Halifax Transit sent an Access-A-Bus to pick up Towsey. The wheelchair rights advocate says that’s true, but the Access-A-Bus was a newer model that couldn’t fit his chair on board.

After hours of attempting to get home, Towsey’s chair battery ran out of power and he became stranded. Eventually, a helpful police officer went to his apartment to get his battery charger and Towsey was able to take the ferry home early the next morning.

Currently 58 of Halifax’s 273 accessible low-floor buses use the one-point system. Chase says it complies with Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board safety regulations and will be installed in all new buses going forward.

For its 2011 accessibility report, Metro (now Halifax) Transit consulted with seniors and people with disabilities about improvements to the bus system. Two concerns noted in the report were a “need for standard wheelchair securement device/tie-downs,” and “operator training in disability awareness, the use of securement devices and providing assistance.”

Paul Blaauw, a transit customer who uses a manual wheelchair to get around, says he’s experienced some of the same bus problems as Towsey. Bus drivers’ knowledge of the tie-down systems can vary widely, he says, and some drivers don’t use the tie-downs at all. He describes the forward-facing four-point tie-down system that includes a seatbelt as “marvelous,” but says the newer one-point tie-down can be unsafe.

On some buses, wheelchair users are positioned facing toward the back of the bus, which makes it difficult to know when your stop is coming up.

Chase says the rear-facing passive restraint system is widely used by other transit agencies in Canada and “meets all codes and safety regulations.” She said basic training for drivers includes accessibility awareness and use of the tie-down systems.

Six years ago, Towsey was cycling in Dartmouth when a car struck him. The accident left his back in shambles and he now requires a wheelchair. He believes the city has a long road ahead if it wants to make its bus fleet, and other municipal infrastructure, fully accessible.

“There’s no wheelchair rights at all. Once you become disabled, you lose all your rights. You’re treated like an animal.”

lose all your rights. You’re treated like an animal.”


The Cruelty and Inhumanity of Halifax Metro Transit SPECIAL Wheelchair Report

This a true testimonial accompanied with a 3D HD slideshow.. That clearly explains the cruelty and injustice of Halifax Metro Transit management.


Posted by hishighness on 09/19/2014 at 2:02 AM

The same Utility and Review Board that’s in Emera’s back pocket? Yeah, this guy is lucky he didn’t get stranded for a year…

Posted by Artic on 09/18/2014 at 10:20 PM

The system used on the newer buses like stated in the article are standard. The system is called the passive restraint system. The system has been approved in the USA by the ADA. Here in Canada the system has been approved for use by every provincial agency that governs buses.

The system is meant to increase speed of wheel chairs being loaded. This will in hopes help the disabled community have more freedom and willingness to take transit.

How does all of a sudden 1 person decide its not safe for him to be loaded in a bus with this system. Does he think he knows more then all of the studies that have been done on this system.

Does he not realize that this exact system is available on buses in New York, Toronto and just about every major North American city with out so much as a issue? He just likes to hear him self talk. He wants people to feel sorry for him.

Posted by Artic on 09/18/2014 at 10:20 PM

I understand the aversion to sitting backwards but everything else is another story. Mr Towsey basically rejected a ride, then blamed someone else. This guy thinks more belts are better but has a doctor’s note exempting him from requiring a lap belt.

If someone is strapped into the bus properly, the one strap plus padding is plenty to keep someone safe in the event of an accident. Did he produce any studies or paperwork showing his fears were legit? If so, I’ll admit I’m wrong. Otherwise, quit complaining about a problem you yourself created.

Posted by Plastic Diver Guy on 09/18/2014 at 9:50 PM

You should hear this guy ramble on about all his conspiracy theories down by the old SPR library.

Here is the link to to all The Halifax Metro Transit Articles..if you really care to learn.. sit on castors..They weigh up to 800 lbs with the occupant. The castors do not have brakes. The one belt restraint goes across the neck and waist.
The chair will move and the belt will choke a person..Do some thinking.. Why would all manufacturers put certified four point tie-downs on all wheelchairs world wide if they were no necessary? No manufacturer is permitted to sell any power chair that does not pass the certification for the four point restraints..
Go to the link above to do some studying and learn more about power chairs plastic back rests that are no designed to hold 700-800 lbs while the bus puts its breaks on… and there is much more information at the link above.. Learn if you care before you make any ignorant comments..Hey Scooter ahhhhh!, yes you really should listen and learn…


Posted by Artic on 09/19/2014 at 1:42 PM

Actually the one belt restraint goes no where near your neck or waist shows what you know!
The single belt restraint hooks to the rear of the chair. If the chair has tie down areas in the rear then that is what is used. I had a friend of mine who was in a chair and that chair weighed in excess of 500 lbs with out them sitting in it. They had no problems riding metro transit on these buses. You just like to hear your self and love to belittle people that have no say in what is bought or used.
My favorite is hearing you say that you think the drivers are switching their routes just before they get to you. Your reasoning every route that passed except the 61 was older buses. You are truly nuts! The 61/14 most days/nights I see them are always newer buses. The older ones that are on the routes are usually “helper” buses that are only around during the time university gets out/in and rush hour.
You are not in anyway helping the cause of any disabled person including your self!! I have had many people who are disabled who have had issues with one thing or another. They talked very nicely to me and I went out of my way to help them and be another voice. With the way you approach people I wouldn’t want to help you period!! I have watched your videos on your site and all it proves is you are crazy and have a self entitled attitude!!!!

Reply to Artic by Daniel Towsey.

Artic you are so wrong about many things.. First if you listen to my video where the Halifax transit supervisors speak..You can hear them say that the older flyer buses went up as a 61 but only new buses came back down to where I was as a 61. That can only happen if they are switching the bus numbers.

Second the single belt in the new buses do not have a steel hook to attach to power chairs. Power wheelchairs can not be secured in the middle with a single belt. Power wheelchairs do not have any center tie down point. And the belt they use is just like a car front seat belt three point lap and shoulder..the shoulder one goes by the neck..

That belt is not and has never been for securing the chair..It is only to secure the passenger in a manual wheelchair..And manual wheelchairs only weigh at most 50 lbs..

Your claim that someone with a five hundred pound chair went on the bus is impossible.. The castors would move with any movement of the bus.. and a power chair if it were possible, secured at only one rear corner would surely cause the chair to move sideways..

If the chair is not secured the weight of the chair well crush the passenger.

The 61 route mostly only runs old flyer buses as it has always done..

I am writing this response to you for the sake of other readers and not because you are worthy of any dignified response from me..because you are not worhty with all your insults..

blindcane on 09/20/2014
Thguy is a mental mind f@k he is absolutely nuts, was banned from metro transit for a long time for assaulting drivers, has no right to be considered a ‘voice of the disabled’ as 99% of disabled people in halifax/dartmouth have written him off as a nutcase for many years, just go watch his videos on YouTube..

These buses are used all over north america, infact most transit systems dont even require wheelchair users to use restraints.
I like the new buses, way easier to get on/off, giving people with disabilities way more freedom and keeping the route on time and bus driver not having to take 3-5 minutes trying to get restraints to work.
Towsley i dont care what you say about anything, your a nutcase, go take your meds, & stop assuming your god of accessibility.

Artic your very right, you at least know your facts, thankfully you dont succomb to “truth soldier” mental idiocy.

Go look on google for novabus lfs artic, youll see a lot of different transit systems use them.

It is ADA standerd, Towsley has so much crap on his chair that makes IT unsafe..

Access a bus, use ada standerd buses as well, its not their issues why Towsleys chair wont fit, its HIS FAULT.
He has so much crap on his chair that makes it OVERSIZED.
Towsley whines about everything, blaming everyone else, hes the loudmouth that constantly is whining about how so much is unfair in Halifax, he is destroying any steps forward that the disabled community have gotten in Halifax and the province as a whole.

Reply to Blind Cane by Daniel J Towsey
I was banned for demanding that they let me off at the old bus terminal in Dartmouth.. I am no threat to anyone.I never threatened any drivers You IDIOT.. I really hate people who spew crap like you do who are afraid to use their real Names.. Without a real name you have no credibly..

Your reply to Artic is so full of hate and stupidity.. Just because the  system they use on the buses is now standard does not mean it is safe… My chair fits perfectly through any standard doorway, that makes my chair the standard..

You say i am destroying any steps forward ever made in the disability community..again you are SO WRONG..There has been no steps forward ever achieved for the needs of disabled wheelchair users.  This bus issue is a perfect example…

The only problem is idiots like you…

Reply to Blind Cane by Daniel Towsey
So you claim to have some kind of credentials..what have you do for the needs of the disabled? Have you written anything? Done any speeches?

Set up any websites or any that anyone can see to prove you have ever done anything for anyone ever? Show me some proof..Post a link to something you did for the disabled..

Reply to Plastic Diver Guy by Daniel Towsey.
Who wants sympathy..I want justice and I want the buses to be properly equipped with the necessary four point tie-downs. Ask yourself why did all the older buses have them?

The power wheelchairs never changed..I already explained clearly that power wheelchair can not face backwards for many reasons..such as the backrests are not vertical like manual wheelchairs. All power chairs have knaps sacks behind them, and head braces with the attachments sticking out that can not be pushed against the post with the cushion and many more reasons..

I am reasonable by explaining the reasons why the buses can not transport power wheelchairs.. So why do you not try being reasonable instead of vicious..Usually those that attack activist comment treads online are professional TROLLS..

Posted by blindcane.

ol Daniel there you go, showing your hatred, is that all you can do is call people names?

you are so blinded by your bitter hate that it blinds you to the changes that ARE HAPPENING!
the province is working on getting a accessibility committee together & working on the issues they can, but your NOT WELCOME, because you have proven time & time again how narrow minded & NOT mentally stable, you are.
Halifax Transit have come a long way in the last 5 years, about 90% of the buses are accessible, all ferries are accessible, Dartmouth bus terminal is accessible, Highfield has been completely rebuilt with accessibility in mind, as are others getting done, now, in most parts of HRM the bus stops are getting made accessible.

I don’t waste my time on youtube or making websites, I leave that to the people who like that sort of stuff.

I get out in the community & work with like minded people, getting things DONE, not just screaming at people & demanding pity.

I’ll just leave you to stew in your little world of self hatred & pitiful attitude, your never going to accept anything I or others say/do, because you can’t handle reality unless it revolves around you.

Reply blindcane by Daniel Towsey
Dartmouth bus terminal is not accessible. I wont bother posting the video to that proves it, as you have made a contradictory statement..You do not bother with websites, youtube or anything so why are you on this website..And how would you know anything about my videos if you do not bother with youtube..

You are a nobody..You do nothing for the rights of anyone disabled.. You are an insider (as your credentials prove) troll as you make that very obvious since you have never responded to any one of my numerous points proving why the buses can not transport power wheelchairs.. You have no idea on how to be civil and polite.. You engage in nothing but hate speech personal attacks..

You do not use your real name because you deal in reality but yet you use an unreal fake name..You are a joke..You are illogical..and a huge waste of time…Stop with your personal attacks..Reply logically to my previous points such as plastic and slanted back rests, headrests, napsacks etc etc…or stop writing hatefull personal attacks…

Posted by Artic

The only viscous one is you Mr Towsey you have called people idots,dumb and stupid in the same forum. You have also decided to attack one your fellow disabled people. That shows the amount of credibility you truly have!

Now lets go through a few facts that you have posted. You mention that older buses have the four points tie down system and for us to ask why that was the case. Well at the time those buses came out that was the standard newer buses are bound to have newer technology. Same when the first flyers came out why where there not steps like so many before them ?

Next you attack the a fellow disabled person saying what have they contributed to the disabled community? Have they made websites? etc. Just because you go to wordpress and post a bunch of stuff doesn’t mean you have made a website for the community means you have done something that people in grade school are taught how to do simple web page design with a gui tool.
Next you claim that you are not destroying steps made forward in the disabled community because there are none to begin with. Well lets pick that apart a bit because you are so keen on having facts displayed. 7 years ago there was only a handful of wheelchair routes and wheel chair users where only allowed to use these routes period now fast forward 7 years later over 70% of MT routes and 85% of buses are wheel chair accessible.That is a great leap forward is it the absolute best? No its not but its a steep in the right direction! The bridge terminal now wheel chair accessible yes. Is one door broken yeah seems that way but still not bad and a great leap forward from the old bridge terminal. Also Transit has a Lacewood Terminal being built. There are plans to have further accessible options there, they are considering integrated wheel chair seating. That way you aren’t waiting in an aisle in the way, you will be waiting in the seating area. Now lets look at general business’ they have improved wheel chair access by leaps and bounds in the last 5 years. Is every business accessible nope but its better then it was. So based on those facts how are there no steps being made to help the disabled community ? Steeps are steeps no matter how baby they may appear.

Now when you respond to this I ask you to try not to throw in sluts. I ask you please stop repeating your same claims of unsafe with more facts then your own pen or voice. Most of us have sited ADA, URB, AODA and other organizations that have claimed them safe. All you have done is said they are unsafe. So lets see some concrete facts from agencies that study this stuff.

Reply to Artic by Daniel Towsey
There is no newer technology on the newer buses..period! The old proven ways are usually better because they were based on common sense…which is lacking in your thinking.

The blindcane guy made statements of his so called credentials yet can not show to prove or name one issue he has helped with and how he did it..oh did you know that it is illegal for the legally blind to drive or control any motorized vehicle? Power wheelchairs are much more dangerous to drive out side then automobiles… Blindcane does not have any active outdoor life like I do…if he did I would of seen him frequently outside.

If you read my article about my complaint to the Human Rights Commission about Halifax Transit. You would discover that I am the one that stopped the designated routes and bus stops policies.. But that never made anything better since all the new buses can not tie down heavy power chairs…so everyday there are less and less buses and routes that are capable of guarantying the be able to safely secure and transport heavy power chairs..

Wheelchair accessible does not represent the needs of power wheelchair users..Just because I can get on the bus does not mean it can transport my chair..What is needed is the terminoly “Wheelchair Friendly” Which would mean that all efforts are made to meet the special needs of the disabled..which is not happening anywhere.. The higher the percentage gets for so called accessible buses means the less buses that can transport heavy power chairs. For all the newer buses can not transport heavy power chairs..

Earlier I said the old Halifax terminal.. I did a typo..It was the old Dartmouth bus terminal.. Go look at my numerous reports about not being able to get into the terminal because there is no reachable button to open the inside doors went is like that at all the wheelchair entrances.

You know no truth.. Accessibility is maybe two percent of where an able bodied person can go.. So why is it that not one government building has a power wheelchair accessible bathroom? I wont tell you more.because you have no idea what a power wheelchair accessibly bathroom is unless you checked my website..

No one in this town is making anything better because they do not refer to any intelligent disabled person that can explain it..Unless of course those of you who have been learning from my website but wont admit it..Which is standard procedure for all people who derive income from the corporate government..You never speak the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth..

You are such and ignorant and insulting inhumane person..Telling me you do not want to hear or read anything from me..

You think the so called inside pros know everything.. but they wont listen to anything from the disabled as your own statements clearly proves..

You have just proven EXACTLY that your bad know it all attitude is the problem..

Professionals only profess to know.

Pros will never be masters but can only learn from masters if they just listen to the masters..
Do you not realize that pros will never master anything…

To master something you have to do it all yourself and master it..

So turning things around..

How about you arrange for you to get a power wheelchair and I take you around town for a few hours..

You would not be able to even steer it through a doorway..guaranteed..because you first need to master how to drive it..

Artic if I saw you in person it would be an insult to my integrity as a truthful person..

For you are a professional are ignoring truth..that is all you are..

Posted by BlindCane on 09/20/2014
Btw, 4 point restraints are getting ripped out of buses all over North America, they are OLD TECHNOLOGY, only used on para-transit vehicles mostly.
They take way too long to do for use on conventional transit, also Halifax is the only transit system to absolutely require them.

I have been to many cities in North America, ridden many transit systems, the use of restraint systems is changing, to single belt restraint, and even then only on scooters & manual wheelchairs.

Also if you really wanted to change Halifax transit, why haven’t you tried to get on ATAC?


your not interested in working with others, on real solutions, you just want to spew your bile & hatred, you just want to mouth off, your not interested in real solutions that will make things better for everyone, just whining about it.

Seriously, your scaring people away from our amazing city, making people not want to become advocates, because no one wants to deal with your level of crazy!
You have poisened the waters of Halifax with your crap, disabled tourists run away from you, I have witnessed it personally.

Reply to BlindCane by Daniel Towsey.
Listen to yourself, you are the one whining and spewing out your attacks and hatered..

Go read my article. “There is no reasoning with the insane”

oh yah your the one with the closed mind that is always right yet ignores the most amazing human invention for learning..the place where all the intelligent people go to that the whole world uses except for you… so you said.. The internet..

Amazing city, is just a small town with to many with small minds as you have shown yourself to be with your constant attacks and insults to ignore the facts I have presented numerous times…

You make constant claims to know me and have made statements that seem to indicate you are stalking me..You are just a back stambing person who speaks behind peoples backs and ingages in hateful gossip..

but has never once gone out and looked at all the evidence on my website.. as you clearly stated that you never do.. ..

So that proves your are just an ignorant person.. as ignoring all the proof on my website..

Such as.

Posted by Artic on 09/20/2014 at 5:30 PM
Well looks like you have not listened to what every one has written all you want to do is continue to talk. I asked you to provide a creditable source or agency on your statement about not being able to secure your wheel chair in the passive restraint system. You have yet to do that all you do is say to go to your self made website. I have been there beside the lack of any organization there are videos of you going around town doing what you think is “Public education”. When in reality its you yelling at people and trying to get them to think you are such a poor sole. I never claimed once that disabled person has the same accessibility as a disabled . I claimed things have gotten better in 7 years.

As for the transit case you speak of, your particular human rights case was not the one that actually changed the policy of ALF buses being on non wheel chair routes. Your complaint along with another female wheel chair user who I wont name here came after. The original complaint had not been heard by the time you laid your complaint. It had actually been a year or two that passed since the original complaint ( human rights commission can take a while to hear cases which is an entirely different subject).

Now why not go and use that crank radio you have and be sure to flag down a horse drawn carriage to take you to your next appt.

reply to Artic by Daniel Towsey
Your true biased colors are showing.. You claim to know about my Human Rights Complaint.. So how you are speaking proves you are an insider who is trying to do damage trying to discredit me..

That no name person you speak of is a none existent fiction make up..period..

Here is a video I did on board a bus as you requested..but I had already made it before you made the request.

“Wheelchair Protest On Board A Halifax Metro Transit Bus”

and this.
“Telling Bus Driver How Halifax Buses DEADLY For Wheelchair Users”

again my response to you are for the dignity of other readers to show them that I am civilized and have done my best to bring this serious issue of lack of public transportation because the buses can not secure my wheelchair safely.

More than two years later

Metro Transit’s new Dartmouth

bus terminal still not
wheelchair accessible

Two years later Dartmouth’s new bus terminal still not wheelchair accessible

and you ‘artic’ thinks that the public should trust the so called professionals

For those of you who want to know when I was left stranded..

“Halifax Transit Left Me Stranded All Night For Eleven Hours On Street”

Posted by Artic on 09/20/2014 at 6:38 PM

Supply websites that are NOT RUN BY YOU ! all they do is repeat what you have printed. I have watched your videos going on a bus and saying ” this is a protest because these buses are unsafe and you know it” Is not in any way you showing us how they are not safe.
I have read the human rights cases on this. Trust me every one at Metro transit has to be trained on human rights as a result of this. ( did you know that ).

Also by the way none of your response are showing your civilized but the doing the complete opposite. I never insulted you, nor did plastic driver guy or anyone else. You insulted all of us first. You also continue to insult us over and over again. All we have asked is for concrete proof of your accusations from a creditable source ( You or I are not Credible sources) like The ADA, URB, Nova Bus or any other disability organization. All you have done in response is posted links to your website. If you would like I can create one on word press right now throw a few videos on it and discredit your claims. It wont take more then 5 to 10 minutes, but I wont because that proves nothing but my opinion!

So in closing yes closing because I am aware that you will reply no matter how many times I respond. Your claims carry no weight, no other user in Halifax has the same problems as you yet they ride the same buses. You have done nothing but yell at people who didn’t agree with your views. You have said that transit endangered you that night. There is no evidence of that you where offered drives from other drivers driving older buses to the bridge. You claim that the 61/14 was the only one that could get you to that intersection of oxford and Quinpool. Well the ones could have done that. Also if they had the newer style bus you could have tried the 52 to get you to the corner of North and Robie and powered on own the street. Or could have taken the 7 or 80. Or you could have taken the 52 to the corner of North and Windsor and taken a 18 or 90. And do not respond with they are all you buses or something because you had options you just refused to take them because you wanted to make a scene and make people sorry.

Reply to Artic by Daniel Towsey
You are really unbelievable..
You guys have been personally attacking me..
Have ignored everything I have said, as you are still doing..

You are the one that is not credible..

I am credible and have clearly explained and documented everything.

What makes those you call credible when they make buses that have NO FOUR POINT TIE DOWNS..

You have already indicated that you refuse to listen to me.

You have a closed mind……………period.

Yes all you have are your un credible OPINIONS.

No one in a heavy power wheelchair is riding the new buses..

You keep making statements that you have never backed once with any proof.
Unlike me who has provided proof that you never looked at..

You are just to amazingly ignorant..

Fortunately other readers will surly make the effort to decide for themselves by looking at my evidence.

Like I said before I am only responding for the sake of other readers who maybe open minded that maybe reading this tread.

All the buses on route one run new buses that can not tie down my chair.

So you think I should of gone to the bus terminal, again you prove your ignorance and never looked at my video of that night where the bus driver harassed me and I chose to get off the bus.

So If I had made it to the bus terminal I would of had to get on the same bus that I was already waiting for. The 61, so why go down the street to another bus stop just to get on the same bus..

So you sound like you are part of the thug organization at Management that has lied non stop about everything as all my evidence shows on my website..

You are right.. You have NO CREDIBILITY….

All those you mention that I could of..

First you do not understand that my battery was low. all those buses and transfers would of required me taking the risk to just be further stranded if another new bus comes along.

Plus the longer it takes the more I had of my batteries running out.

Then add to that the lousy once an hour night schedules you have would of meant that it would of taken me many more hours to get home. That is if all the buses you spoke of were the old flyer buses with the proper four point tie downs.

it was 9;30 when I got off that bus..There was only two more hours remaining before the buses stopped that could take me home.

Your ignorance is the same ignorance from everyone at management level of Halifax Metro Transit.

Thank you for making that very clear for all the other readers.

You have clearly proven that you like to give advise that has no credibility..

You said “I wanted to make a scene and make people sorry”.. you are so pathetic..

Thanks for all your comments that clearly shows to any credible independent thinkers that I have done by best and that the problem is, as you indicated..



Are you reading this?

WOW what a huge obstacle you are to justice and to getting the buses equipped with the necessary four point tie downs..

Good thing you hide behind a fictitious name..or I would subpoena you.

I look forward to my day in court with Halifax Metro Transit on A Class Action Suit Coming soon..

I will be the prosecutor under Common Law..Do you know what that is?

It is the only law in Canada..Canada is a Commonwealth Country with a House of Commons where we the Common People elect Common People to create our law of the Land. That being Common Law.

anything else is corporate criminal acts created by those who pretend to be we the peoples governments.

The world is waking up faster then you think to the Corporate greed destroying this planet..

The World Wide Truth Revolution is NOW..

Ask anonymous…
We are watching. We do not forgive, We do not forget…

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