Canada Needs You To STOP Jihadi Justin

Canadian Situations - See

Justin Trudeau publicly becomes a Muslim

 J.K Sheindlin’s #1 international bestseller ‘The People vs Muhammad’ and the new ‘Questions that Islam can’t answer’ is now …

Jihadi Justin Trudeau Admits Special Rights For Muslims

 A great report provided by Bourbon & Bullets.

 Jihadi Justin admits it M103 is an Islamic blasphemy law

Jihadi Justin admits to House of Commons that M103 is entirely about Islamophobia (not the general anti discrimination motion …

Ex-Muslim Woman Confronts Trudeau “Jihadi Justin, You’re a Traitor”

 Anti-Islamification activist and ex-Muslim who grew up in Saudi Arabia, now Toronto resident Sandra Solomon confronts …

Still Report #488 – Is Canada’s New Prime Minister Trudeau a Radical Muslim?

And you thought that in just 55 weeks from now President Obama would be gone and the world would return to being safe for …

Justin Trudeau on the Greatness of Islam ad: Justin Trudeau #justnotoneofus

 The national…

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