Accident looks Like a targeted hit with vehicle having been sabotaged in Halifax

I changed the title of the video (below) from ‘Accident Upside down car Dunbrack St and Main Ave Halifax Nova Scotia’ see why

This first image is a full resolution HD image It has the explanation as to why it was sabotaged. download it if you want to zoom in more or just left click to open in new tab.

Sabotaged Accident Report Dunbrack St

Please scroll down for video

Click on any image to open full sized in new tab. then right click to download it.

Accident Report Dunbrack St_9671Accident Report Dunbrack St_9684Accident Report Dunbrack St_9671 Accident Report Dunbrack St_005__A Truth Soldier Accident Report Dunbrack St_9698 Accident Report Dunbrack St_9696 Accident Report Dunbrack St_9692 Accident Report Dunbrack St_9714 Accident Report Dunbrack St_9708 Accident Report Dunbrack St_9706 Accident Report Dunbrack St_9701

This man’s pant are wet and dirty. He looks like the driver. Accident Report Dunbrack St_9703

I changed the title of this video from ‘Accident Upside down car Dunbrack St and Main Ave Halifax Nova Scotia’

Photo gallery will be uploaded soon.


Finn MacDonald
I thought you lived downtown. Or did you move?
+Finn MacDonald I moved in May..
Finn MacDonald
+FolkPhotographer Oh
Felix Siam
Dang, just take the curbs out and add a lane, and better traffic lights..
+Felix Siam This place never gets high traffic flow nor traffic jams. It is not a very busy road..
youtube Girl
was my grandmother that got hit >_<
+youtube Girl Do you mean the one upside down?
youtube Girl
+FolkPhotographer yes
+youtube Girl I have the high resolution photos that I did not publish . From my photos I see skid marks that the other car did as it made left turn before it struck the car that flipped.

Seems obvious the other car hit the upside down car on the left rear wheel which caused that wheel to turn in a way that caused the car to flip.

You can see the sideways skid mark from the car left tire that went sideways.

At 3:15 in the video you can clearly see the skid marks that also shows the point of impact where the right tire started skidding..

It is also obvious that the short distance it traveled from the point of impact that it was not speeding.

And you can see the skid mark in a straight line from the other right tire on the road..

There are only brake skid marks from the car turning left before the impact. Your insurance company might be interested in my evidence.

Someone else s video

Accident on Dunbrack Street in Halifax Nova Scotia

Published on Feb 23, 2016

Click on any image for gallery. Right click to download full sized


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