Man Dies In collapse of Underground Garage owned by CAPREIT

The Welsford is a ticking time bomb and soon people will die in this building all because CAPREIT is criminally negligent.

Reported by Daniel J Towsey April 29 2015

My will detailed reports over the past two years clearly show that CAPREIT is aware of what I have reported..

You can also go to Youtube and see just my video reports by typing in the search box. “The Welsford Apartments Nightmare”

I am posting this here because I have previously posted reports indicating that the same situation of collapse is in danger of occurring at The Welsford Apartments at 2074 Robie St. in Halifax.

CAPREIT refuses to fix the water and flooding problems in their underground garages. Over time the constant moisture will definitely weaken and deteriorate the steel inside the concrete pillars ..

The underground garage is not actually underground. It is above ground and has a roof on it that is covered with a rubberized membrane covered over with grass.

The rubber membrane needs to be replaced as it is leaking everywhere. and you will also see that all the roofs of this property are also leaking everywhere causing heavy flooding down through many floors and constantly further under minding the steel super structure of this building due to rusting.

The constant flooding has been causing serious problems when the elevators have gone down into the lower level parking.

Twice in the past several months the elevators shorted out in the flooded elevator shaft.

Causing the elevators to go out of service for up to three months.

I also did a video report showing how they did improper plumbing to the sump pump in the bottom of the elevator shaft which repeatedly led to the pump failing…

The common areas of the building all the way to the top floor often do not have any heat in cold weather which is further undermining the steel structure with rust due to dampness from the lack of heat.

also recently pipes have been bursting and causing more flooding problems… the lack of heat and the swaying building are probably to blame..

All the roofs of the building all having un repaired leaks which is also undermining the steel structure.

You will also see videos done from inside the top floors of the 22 story building showing that the building is seriously swaying and the interior walls are  bending and banging on windy days.

Go to my post  “The Welsford Apartments Nightmare” To see evidence of  all this and evidence of serious structural problems that I have documented about the Welsford Apartment Building and much more….

TheWelsford_4505The Welsford Nightmare - Green Bins and water

“The coroner had ruled that construction faults, improper repairs, and infrequent maintenance all contributed to his death, which could have been avoided.”

see article  about garage collapse Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada…

When you go to this post, you will see that Capreit is endangering the lives of tenants at all their properties with the same criminal negligence.


Saleh Khazali

Coroner’s investigation report on a death related to the collapse of an underground parking

mtl-garage-collapse-2008_2015.04.29_07h21m34s_001_ A Truth Soldier

March 5, 2010

The Coroner’s Office presents the findings of the coroner’s report, Ms. Catherine Rudel-Tessier, following the investigation held to clarify the causes and circumstances of the death of Mr. Mahamat Saleh Khazali, occurred on 26 November 2008 in Montreal. Saleh Khazali died of positional asphyxia as a result of the collapse of the concrete slab covering the underground parking where it was.

The causes and circumstances of death

On 26 November 2008, around 8:40, Mr. Saleh Khazali was in his car in the underground parking lot of a building at 135 Deguire Blvd. in Ville Saint-Laurent, where a concrete slab measuring 60 feet 80 feet and stands crumbling to the ground.

A witness in the same location manages to run to the outside and heard a cracking sound and saw that the ceiling collapses. He returned later to check if people remained trapped under the debris and sees Saleh Khazali, sitting in his car crushed under a portion of the concrete slab. Only a few centimeters apart the roof of the car and shoulders of Mr. Saleh Khazali and his head leans to the right. Around 11 h 45, we manage to extract Saleh Khazali of his car and his death is found on site, 5 to 12 pm, by a doctor Urgences-santé.

An autopsy was performed the next day at the Laboratory of Forensic Science and Forensic Medicine. Like the external review, it reveals no significant traumatic injury but revealed pulmonary congestion and edema and the presence of bloody spume in the light of the trachea. The report concludes that positional asphyxia since in fact, in the position where it was found, Mr. Saleh Khazali could not breathe. That’s what caused his death.

Immediate measures

Immediately after the events of 26 November 2008, an evacuation order is sent to all tenants of 135 Deguire Boulevard and the parking inspections and adjacent parking lots of similar construction are entrusted by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) to an engineering firm. These indicate signs of significant distress in the parking lot of 155 Deguire Blvd, while the one located at 175 of the artery seems in better condition. As a precaution, however RBQ owners asked to arrange for the evacuation of all vehicles.

The causes of the accident

The expert work conducted in the following months by engineering firms respectively authorized by the RBQ and the building owners have established the reasons for the collapse. On one hand, variations in the thickness of the concrete slab and the concrete cover and improper disposal of rebar and cardboard molds used as shuttering reduced the resistance of the slab in the region of collapse. On the other hand, the presence of delamination and corrosion confirmed the poor state of the slab, which had exceeded its useful life.

From a chronological perspective, the engineers appointed by the RBQ summarized the events leading to the collapse of the concrete slab:

  • the permeability of the surface resulted in the salt intrusion;
  • salt has degraded the reinforcing steel;
  • rust was swollen volume of the bars, causing delamination of the concrete on the slab thickness.

Successive owners of the building (the present owner acquired it in September 2005) have kept no record of maintenance and repairs carried out to date. The experts nevertheless established that repairs have been made through the years but they have failed to restore the original capacity of the slab. Moreover, some signs of deterioration (cracks, signs of erosion as well as concrete pieces detachments of the ceiling, water flows and unusual noises) have not been adequately considered. It should have been an immediate inspection of the structure is controlled but the building’s maintenance personnel do not have the expertise to assess the urgency of the situation.

Analysis and conclusions of coroner

In the opinion of the coroner, the defects of construction and maintenance – including inadequate repairs – of the book have been instrumental in causing delamination fracture in punching causing the collapse of the slab concrete.

Building owners must ensure that the work on their buildings are supervised by qualified engineers. In addition, property owners built there more than twenty years before the implementation of new stricter construction standards should, without waiting to ensure that detailed inspections of their buildings are carried out by experts as buildings built in the 1980s are more likely to have major structural defects. The coroner added that if such inspections were carried out in the parking lot of 135 Deguire Blvd, built around 1970, the death of Mr. Saleh Khazali would have been avoided.

The Régie du bâtiment du Québec, for its part, is mandated to ensure the quality of construction work and the safety of people who access a building. To do this, it has a range of legal instruments (correction notice, order, injunction, verification and control, etc.) and carries out targeted surveillance activities, information and awareness. The coroner estimated RBQ must increase these activities with owners about their security responsibilities of their buildings and seeking among others the support of partners such as the Department of Municipal Affairs, Regions and Land Occupancy territory and the Department of Public Safety.

Furthermore, the RBQ is preparing a chapter for Building Safety Code for all the buildings and giving their owners many obligations. According to Mr. Rudel-Tessier, provisions relating to the obligations of owners in monitoring and maintenance of their buildings would benefit from being introduced by this regulation.

In the same vein, the working committee on standards of maintenance and inspection of buildings recently put in place by the RBQ should identify periodic verification elements and maintenance of certain facilities (including parking lots) may be subject to regulation.


Based on these considerations and with a view to better protection of human life, the coroner recommended to the Régie du bâtiment du Québec:

  • to provide in developing the chapter Building Safety Code, specific measures (inspections, audits, maintenance programs) that owners will have to comply or face penalties;
  • to work for the development of an interview grid and building inspection, including underground parking;
  • to increase its outreach to owners of underground parking in connection with their obligations;
  • to publicize the existence of a toll-free line to receive reports of citizens.



Geneviève Guilbault
Communications Manager
and Media Relations
(418) 643-1846 x225


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