Native Cigarette makers need to know what big tobacco learned in 2000 that canceled all lawsuits and actions against them

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Commentary by Daniel J Towsey

Cigarette taxes are theft based on government lies, fraud and complicity in permitting deadly and harmful chemicals in big tobacco’s cigarettes.

We were told that higher taxes would lower smoking that would lower cancer deaths due to smoking.. all  big corporate government lie..

Dear readers please know that native cigarettes do not contain any chemicals. Their tobacco is grown naturally.

In 2000 I did the research that you find in the video and link below, where I proved that the Canadian and American Corporate governments were the guilty party that permitted the chemicals  in the big tobacco cigarettes.

After my publishing that article below and my conversation in 2000 with the owner of Export ‘A” Brand – R.J.MacDonald cigarette manufacturer. All the existing judgements against all big tobacco were cancelled, all law suits were cancelled, all government and media attacks and defamation’s against big tobacco were cancelled.

Everything the public was told about tobacco causing cancer was all lies…. Natural tobacco does not cause cancer..the added chemicals caused the cancers..

Here is the link to the full original post. about ‘How the chemicals got in the cigarettes’

Raury – Cigarette Song

Published on Apr 14, 2012


Mark Downing says, I think most people know this, at least I do. However when buying native cigs I find they taste terrible, just my opinion.

Daniel J Towsey says, they taste terrible if they are not fresh…they are not wrapped in tin foil..they dry out quickly and then they taste harsh.

Mark Downing says, Besides that, we have huge other issues to deal with, for example.. Agenda 21 and global one world government…Agenda 21-The Most Diabolical Scheme Ever Hatched.

Daniel J Towsey says, We have to deal with ALL the issues of corrupt corporate government..and yes U.N.Agenda 21

Do agree with Bill C-10? Renders Indigenous tobacco trade illegal + imposes mandatory minimum sentence.

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Indigenous Tobacco Trade vs. Trafficking Contraband Tobacco

APTN InFocus:

Bill C-10 has passed and when it comes into force the Indigenous tobacco trade will become an offence under Canada’s Criminal Code.

Repeat offenders would face a mandatory minimum jail sentence.

In this edition our guests voice their opinion about attempted government control over a tradition that pre-dates the Canadian state.


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