Death of the trees Victoria Park in Halifax Nova Scotia

If this does not wake you up then you are the problem.

More Horrible Sights at Halifax Public Gardens

Birdseye Report 1of2 Sept 30 2014 Halifax NO BIRDS

SCARY Huge Hole in Huge Tree CLOSE UP Halifax Public Gardens

Really Really Horrible Radiation Damage Tree At Halifax Public Gardens

HORRIBLE ALL Trees Mutated Sick Dying Fukushima Radiation Effects

1Horrible Sick Dying Trees Bayers Rd Halifax

Dying Dying Dying Trees Everywhere Since Fukukshima Radiation

Organic Hair says

This is happening here in the Blue Ridge Mountains, too. I lived in Nova Scotia. This is scary. I have pics of cloud-seeding rockets & grid patterns of chemtrails. Fukushima is real & isn’t going away, but we also have this….

Weeping Willow No Longer Weeping – Tree Report

Nikita Marie says

This is heartbreaking. I live in R.I and we had to cut a tree down bc it was diseased. My mom and I were so upset bc my mom wanted, or wished to see my micro preemie son grow strong off the vent to watch him climb it . Mom since planted around the stump left. I was not yet privy to fukushima but aware of the Tsunami, etc. It was such a shock to me to find out such life changing info and truth about tepko was held knowing the trouble, disease, cancer that has yet to manifest. Thanks for sharjng.

The Trees Are So Sick Everywhere Since Fukushima

humannaki says

hey man,
I want to thank you for this eye opener!!! The other day I went out to my favourite walking place and what I noticed the most was the silence!!! And then I began to notice the trees!!!! I live in the southern interior of BC. It is becoming very hard to ignore the death of our trees cuz they are EVERYWHERE!!!!! Healthy trees falling down even with leaves still intact!!!! I completely agree with you- we are so screwed!!!!
Stay safe!


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