Nova Scotia Power Protest Permit Not Issued Protest Cancelled

Scroll down below comments to see the tread about Nova Scotia power refusing to negotiate a payment arrangement and is going to cut off the power for a financially strapped full time student.

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This notice was posted at Facebook Group:

Dear Nova Scotians,

It is with a lot of consideration and a heavy heart, that I am going to cancel Thursday’s protest in Halifax. Here it is Tuesday morning, and the protest was scheduled for just 2 short days away and
Halifax STILL has not issued me the permit for the protest. I could wait a little longer and see if a permit is going to be issued, but that leaves me with the difficult decision and responsibility of possibly trying to cancel the night before the event, and not be able to reach enough of the people who planned on going in advanced. Without having a permit to proceed, I am risking a lot of fines which my family is not in a position to pay, or quite possibly even being jailed. I am not a single family activist, I have children at home whom I have to consider.

Further to this, I have found that though there are many Nova Scotian’s suffering hardship, there just are not enough numbers who want to get involved as a result the potential success of this protest was quite limited. The scrutiny alone from the “planned power outage” yesterday, was quite intense. It seems there are so many people who don’t believe we can have any impact or
want to try.

It is obvious to me, that Nova Scotians have for the most part, lost faith and hope in their ability to even make a difference and though there is a lot of complaining, there just aren’t enough people who were willing to try to make a difference. There were a handful of volunteers , and I really appreciate those who did volunteer, but that just wasn’t enough for the amount that was needed to make the event a success.

I don’t know where this leaves Nova Scotians. Three short months from Christmas , and there are
people facing disconnection notices every month. Nova Scotia power has been approved for increases for the next 35 years, and there are more coming. The government is putting on a charade about helping us and me and many others have tried to expose this.
People who are comfortable in their monthly power bills now, will in time, be in the same boat as those who are being overcharged. It is obvious to me that this is the future for Nova Scotia.
Until there are more people willing to take a stand, and actually get involved, and until I have a permit in my hand, there is just no way I can go forward. It was very difficult most times just to get people willing to put up flyers, share their stories, or lend a hand.

I would like to thank everyone who had a willing heart, who did help in one way or another, those who participated in the planned power outage, as well as those who did plan on attending the protest. I also want to thank the wonderful members of ANONYMOUS who did give me support and help, in many ways.

Maybe in the future this is something we can look at trying again.
NO PERMIT, NO PROTEST….my hands are tied.

N.S. Power Protest CanacelledCOMMENTS

Harold J Mackenzie they wont issue permit gov has to much say and they like nsp

Dave Cullen If you are on public property and not on the street, no permit is required. We had some minor issues with the Northern Pulp protests but we did it peacefully and got tons of support. Don’t give up

John A Ninpo Nicole ill be around later today and we can discuss this. At least the idea was put out there. I cannot speak for all of my brothers and sisters in Anonymous but i can speak for this Anon….This is a shame.I know others in Anonymous Maritimes and others will be saddened …We are not finished.By far this is just the 1st step…never give up.

John Hutton Protests rarely get police permits and protesters almost never get fined. You have the right to free speech and assembly at all times of every day on every place.

Jzeus Pyrats I think permitted protests limit themselves very much in what they can hope to accomplish. Thanks for all the effort you’ve put in. As a growing community hopefully we will at some point be able to encourage or build our own positive change. – We all want to do something about the MSP monopoly, we just need an effective strategy so we can come together and do it.

Lori Phillips I agree maybe a weekend rally where no one has to lose work there maybe no one in offices but media will pick it up then it can be a family affair since it does affect the whole family. Yes people work on weekends aswell majority I think are monday to Friday . I couldn’t find someone to replace my shifts and still being on my three months probation I couldn’t risk my job. We need to not give up

Jeri Malone I am in the same boat Lori , totally support this but i need this job .. there is no way we are going to be able to afford power this winter without my new job , so i don’t know what the answer is and I think they love to keep people down like this as they know we can’t afford to lose our jobs and livelihoods but there must be an answer and if enough people can brain storm long enough, I am hoping we can find a solution ……

Nicole States John, we will discuss later. Thanks everyone, sorry guys,is what it is.

Nicole States Dave Cullen that is until one person does not abide by that request….one person. Nova Scotians are angry, angry people do foolish things. I cannot be responsible for people. It is ME who will get ticketed if one person raises a sign from one location to the next, or on the road. It is ME who is ticketed and held responsible.

Archie Stewart I have been fighting NSP rate increases for 4 years now. From previous experience Nicole, I understand and respect your decision.

However, I for one will continue my battle and I hope you will also. Keep this page open. Keep up your good spirits. Times will be better. Electrical consumers in Nova Scotia are becoming more and more informed of NSP and UARB actions concerning continuous rate increases and record NSP profits and are becoming angry. Every voice added to ours makes our cause more noticible. All we need to do is to continuously educate and inform, one voice at a time.

The only thing I can think to tell you now is a quote from Margaret Mead. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Chin up. Chest out. March forward.
Dave Schofield we need to all get together to attend the next UARB hearing for NSPI rate increases… I also want to start pushing NSPI to move their wires rather than cut the tress…if they were stupid enough to put their wires where the trees are then too bad for them…put them under ground I say!


Nova Scotia Power refuses bill payment offer and will disconnect student’s power.


LA Milne Posted this tread.
I need some info if anyone has any to offer! I don’t know what to do and NSP won’t do anything but threaten me. I’m past the point of payment arrangements and was just told that if I don’t pay my entire balance off by October 8th then 100% my power will be cut off. I considered letting it happen but power is a necessity for me plus in order for it to get reconnected I’d have to pay the balance + $28 + 3 months worth of estimated service. Aka- impossible for me. I explained to them that all I can do is what I’ve been doing all along- paying $100-$200/month until its paid off. My only offer was refused. My EI runs out at the end of the month, I have yet to get a part time job, and I just started college. I’m the poorest I’ve ever been- I even quit smoking so I could have enough money to eat. My bill is “only” $540. But to me that might as well be $1,000,000. Are there any nonprofit organizations out there? Any help? NSP refused my $100-$200/month offer and I will be without power. I have nothing of value to sell and I go to school full time. There must me help or something?! Plus, HOW is NSP allowed to refuse my offer?!?!


Tasha MacDonald Have you tried the Pictou county helpline for possible suggestions?
September 17 at 4:40pm
Shane Mackay You should write the Premier and ask him why they can refuse.
September 17 at 4:45pm
LA Milne I’m going to call the helpline when I get home yes. That’s my only thought right now too.
September 17 at 4:42pm
LA Milne Yeah, how can they refuse that? I don’t understand. Sure $100-$200/ month until it’s paid off would take 3-4 months as opposed to the 3 weeks they’re demanding but it’s literally all I’m able to do. I didn’t think they could refuse
September 17 at 4:44pm
Val Forsyth How much is your monthly estimated bill? If you have offered to make that payment plus an amount to cover the arrears each month, it’s unconscionable that they would refuse to work something out with you.
September 17 at 4:45pm
Sara Hustins I didn’t think they could refuse you? I know someone who has had multiple disconnection notices and they still make payment arrangements. Have you called more than once to try with someone else? They could have just been hateful.
September 17 at 4:48pm
LA Milne That’s what I thought too Val! Because that’s what I’ve been doing. I got a disconnection notice in July and I said I’d do up to $200/month and they said ok. Then now, I get a “final notice” disconnection that basically says “screw your measly payments, give us it all now”
September 17 at 4:48pm
LA Milne I might call back yes, and just reiterate what I was told and ask that rep if that’s 100% set in stone
September 17 at 4:49pm
Val Forsyth You mean that you have been paying the current bills plus gradually reducing the amount past-due and STILL they threaten disconnection? I would go to the media about that. On their website they claim to be reasonable and willing to work with people!
September 17 at 4:50pm
Sara Hustins Yeah I’ve seen final notices before..and seen someone go passed that date…and they have still made arrangements even though the bill was 1200+..I’d call again..and again. You’re bound to get someone who knows what it’s like to not be made of money.
September 17 at 4:51pm
John A Ninpo LA Milne check your PM’s
September 17 at 4:51pm
Cecil Whynot i am not sure they can refuse a payment
September 17 at 4:52pm
LA Milne That’s right! Every time I get my new bill I pay it in full to the cent. Then make a separate payment of $50 or so. Been doing it for the past couple of months. But not before the past couple of months… Not sure if that matters or not though
September 17 at 4:52pm
Cecil Whynot not sure where you live but go see your MLA in your area maybe he or she will tell you what steps to take in this matter
September 17 at 4:54pm
Shane Mackay I don’t see how they can refuse if you are paying over your estimated usage. As Val Forsyth has said “unconscionable” ! Again I would email the premier and perhaps get ahold of the CBC.
September 17 at 4:55pm
LA Milne I’m going to look over all my bills and payments to confirm that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Thenyeah, I might have to take that step. Thank you!
September 17 at 4:56pm
Cecil Whynot your welcome
September 17 at 4:57pm
Daniel Macumber i wish i only had to pay 100.00 or 200.00 we have to pay 328.00 each month to keep power … if not they cut us off….. they dont care about nothing but money… ….. and we only live in a 3 bedroom mini home and it is only 7 years old… and we had all new heaters and hot water tank last year and our bill keeps going up each year… hope u find help….
September 17 at 4:57pm
LA Milne Yes, I know my situation is pretty minimal in comparison to some of the other stories I hear about. I hope things get better for you too Daniel
September 17 at 5:00pm
Trevor E Chute NSP has us ALL by the nutz!! .. . assholes they are
September 17 at 5:01pm
Jon Jones We just got a disconnect notice for $106. We are up to date…
September 17 at 5:06pm
John A Ninpo Anonymous Maritimes will be compiling a list of Organizations that can help out people in need…
September 17 at 5:20pm
Nicole States Thank you, John A Ninpo
September 17 at 5:42pm
John A Ninpo I have to get other Anons on board with it per regions we know whats out there. I know a few here in HRM but i dont know whats in the valley..
September 17 at 5:43pm
Ashley Thistle I had a past due balance of 2500$ and they wanted me to pay it all or in two separate payments, I fought with them and told them that I can only pay an extra 100$ a month until it’s paid off and after the woman talked to a manager about it , she came back and said that it was fine. Took me two years but I finally paid it all off… Doesn’t seem right that they can do this u
September 17 at 5:46pm
Belinda Manning Call your MLA… and if no luck call the MLA next area, and next.. and media.
September 17 at 6:00pm
Nancy Bezanson-sheehy Everyone is finding it difficult.Shame on NSP and our government for not stepping in to find a solution that is fair.A person shouldn’t be threatened by disconnection .I believe we are all being bullied by this company.
September 17 at 6:28pm
Connors AndreaMarie If you offer to pay 15% of our arrears up front and your current usage charges on the next bill and 1/10 of the arrears after that that till it is paid, they should be happy with that. Based on your comments that you owe $540 , an offer to them would be … $81 up front and then your current usage charges for that bill plus 1/10 of $540-81.00=$459 would be an extra $45.90 per month , they would have their arrears in 10 months and your current usage would be paid up to date. I don’t see how they could refuse you for wanting to make an arrangement to pay them. Emailing the Premier is a good idea but don’t expect much more then a email back from one of his underdogs stating that they will look into the matter and thank you for writing. I hope you get an arrangement made. It is terrible what NSP is allowed to charge for Power.
September 17 at 6:39pm
Melinda Cote we got a disconnect called to to them what we could pay on certain paydays and they said all or nothing by October 1st I have a 3 year old
September 17 at 7:26pm
Danielle Hudson WOW, everyone is getting screwed around! NS Power just tacked my boyfriends bill onto my account, so I am now responsible for his past due, which is a huge amount, i have been fighting with them for 3 weeks straight over this, they have lied repeatedly, haven’t given full information, adding extra amounts on and when questioned where the extra is coming from they never answer. My boyfriend and I aren’t even common law, 3 weeks ago when he gave them consent to let me talk to them on his behalf they put me in as wife, never told us thats what they did and then just today said because they did that, that that makes me responsible for his bill. I didn’t even know him when had that bill. One NSP customer service rep even had the nerve to say “I can refuse to connect your power, how do you like that” , we’re trying to have power connected at our new address.
September 17 at 8:12pm
Shane Mackay Wow I just moved back home bought a house and now I think I’m going to start saving to go off the grid.
September 17 at 8:32pm
Loushanna Bradley It’s worth it to get a line of credit and get solar panels. Payments would be cheaper than a power bill LOL
September 17 at 9:59pm
Lisa Roussy-Bent Call and demand to speak to someone higher then whoever is on the phone..take it to live at 5 .
September 17 at 10:17pm
Leslie Porter My husband who is the MLA in Hants West deals with these issues daily, you should really go see the MLA in your area, they can help most times.
September 17 at 11:37pm
Heidi Whelan This is what happens when you allow privatization of companies supplying essential services…power should not be a luxury..This should be a crown corporation supplying this service.
September 18 at 7:40am
Vicki Mcbride Too bad we couldn’t all put our monies (what little we have) together and set us up for an alternate form of power. Oh, wouldn’t that be nice. I guess I can dream….



3 thoughts on “Nova Scotia Power Protest Permit Not Issued Protest Cancelled”

  1. So I agree rate increases hurt and we all need power. However I also think that we agree to continue to be held hostage to ever increasing power reliance unless we start investing in better methods of generating power. Maybe we all need to not pay our bill for a few months and see what happens to the company. If they lost all that income they might listen to the input of the people they serve. Also I for one am contemplating other methods like solar and wind for the individual. It is so costly to implement a new system but there must be a way for us to cut this up front cost. Some innovation on technology needs to happen to break this reliance on fossil fuel power generation.


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