Crime Minister Herpes A Fictional Leader

This fictional leader is the head of a registered corporation

known as the Corporation of Canada.


That makes him a Dick head.


This Dick head has been going around screwing everyone

in this Fictional Country known as Canada.


Beware to those that are not aware for you are nowhere.


You can not be aware with your head buried in the ground

while your bare naked ass is up in the air.


For that is a sexually attractive position

to get screwed by the Dick head.


When a Dick head goes around screwing everyone,

it will surely have herpes.


Canada has definitely been screwed.


Truth is the only cure to get rid of

and to prevent getting herpes.


This has been a purely fictional writing about fictions.


For all fictions exist in the absence of any and all truths.


The Country of Canada is now a fiction headed by a Dick head.


This writing exhibits an absence of truth for it is a fiction.


Creative writing by

Daniel J Towsey

Crime Minister Herpes A Fictional Leaderalso see.

Harpers Report Card2013.12.21_15h05m20s_010_notice of terminationSTOP Harper175204_10202298882809233_2007500775_o553243_519415998090153_1141336772_n1602149_645154922186682_2040964903_o1491295_10202348797417067_909396458_o1492336_10202398886629266_1667896877_o1495197_10202392119860101_79287095_o1495373_10202406282614161_1639637587_o1500864_10202329820462655_1044990143_o1501047_10202427114774952_2053231609_o1502892_10202504016457446_2036398685_o1506213_10202524720575036_1050477932_o1511985_10202349719720124_1436315520_o1529682_10202681550815694_604767919_o1531600_10202689003522007_1614200902_o1537651_10202705440172913_1687704102_o1557221_10202730997771837_80169331_oHe Came Forpassport1622824_10151850478201218_898020656_n1658573_10202698735205293_2075798146_o1780983_10202627998716925_824498429_o1781155_10202718604902023_1732186360_o1799132_10202724297444333_59073620_oBudget 2014 triggers Harper’s plan to dismantle national health careHarper omnibus punchHarperTearsCanadaPost1149293_10202621001181991_508659319_o


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