Huge Fire Gottingen St Area of Halifax

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Huge Fire Gottingen St_2216Huge Fire Gottingen St_1805Huge Fire Gottingen St_1875AHuge Fire Gottingen St_1982

This video covers the fire until the next day..

Gottingen St Halifax Huge Fire Full Report

Huge Fire Gottingen St_1809Huge Fire Gottingen St_004_Huge Fire Gottingen St_1945Huge Fire Gottingen St_1974Huge Fire Gottingen St _2238 Huge Fire Gottingen St _2236

Guy whos dog bit me two days ago again comes after me

See full report about dog biting me here.

Have a look at this that was occurring on the same street during that day,

Gottingen 250 Years Street Festival in Halifax


Bob Wilson
there used to be an ice rink in there years ago because I worked in that building when we put a second floor in it to make room for offices back in the 70s
Ed Kennedy
seems all the other buildings are still standing after thr fire guess those guys that get paid alot of money in your words do know what they are doing

They planned it well…or God had a hand in it.

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