Halifax International Busker Festival Bans Buskers From Only One Country

Yes it is very true.

The Halifax International Busker Festival that seems to be run by The Halifax Waterfront Development Corporation LTD is banning them.

Even if the buskers have traveled over the Atlantic or up to 7000 miles by land they are banned.

That is amazing.

The Halifax international buskers festival was born and created by local Halifax buskers who used to perform on the platform entrance to the old Public Library on Spring Garden Rd.

The International buskers festival is said to be the oldest buskers festival in North America, If not the world.

So why would they ban only buskers from one country?

That country belive it is Canada. All local and free independent professional buskers are banned from performing on the Halifax waterfront during the International Busker Festival.

This is a huge injustice and insult to all Canadians.

Canadian buskers  are not only banned from the sponsored buskers stages, They are banned from performing anywhere on the Halifax waterfront.

This is not fare and usually these buskers only have small pleasant performances that bothers no one and is truly appreciated by visitors and tourists.

I have been harassed and targeted by the Waterfront Development Corporation LTD repeatedly because I am very active and have done thousands of busker videos on the waterfront over the years. You can view them at http://TheVisionaryFolkPhotographer.com

why can there not be a local Halifax Buskers Festival on the Halifax waterfront?

Halifax has lost many amazing performers over hte ears that most people have never seen but that I have video taped.

These amazingly talented Busker troops have had to leave Halifax since htey can get no Corporate or Government support. Nor can they get any free places to to perform in Halifax.

Places where they can improve their performances and gather local support.

This terrible and prejudicial injustice needs to stop.

Haligonians need to come to the aid of local Haligonian Buskers.

Please note that there are no deeds on the waterfront boardwalk public right of way.. None.

The Waterfront Development Corporation LTD does not own the Public Boardwalk on the Halifax Waterfront.

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